This year marks the 90th anniversary of the creation of the Prefect system at RGC. Looking at the significance of service and giving back, Mr. Hardie, the Head of S6, highlights the Prefect's continued integral role in the ethos of Robert Gordon's College.

Although a number of changes have been made to modernise the system over the years, Prefects continue to wear the highly recognisable triangular yellow badge displaying the image of the pelican feeding its young. Even today, the words of wisdom imparted by Mr Graham Andrew, (the then Headmaster of RGC), to the first Prefects rings true: “he who would aspire to command must first learn to obey” and the Prefect system continues to introduce and educate our most senior pupils in the art of leadership. 

Leadership can, of course, take many forms and the focus for our current S6 has been on seizing opportunities to contribute to the RGC community and beyond: from co-ordinating the daily bun queue, working with Junior School classes and individual pupils, to liaising with the Gordonian Association or helping run the school’s Charities Committee. 

Our student leaders exemplify responsibility, leadership and commitment to both their peers and the wider school community. Through their various responsibilities, pupil prefects not only contribute to the day-to-day operations of the school but also cultivate a culture of teamwork and responsibility among the pupils. Ultimately, the importance of pupil prefects lies in their ability to positively impact the school community by promoting a sense of unity, leadership, and shared responsibility. 

During their final year in school, S6 pupils play a pivotal role in fostering positive role models for our younger year groups. It also serves as a crucial period for our most senior pupils to mature, navigate increased responsibilities, and develop the essential life skills that will empower them in their transition to their future pathway.

I have been delighted with how the current S6 have dedicated themselves to the concept of service and I am deeply impressed by their engagement and meaningful contributions to the enhanced S6 enrichment programme this year.

Evolution of Pupil Leadership: Recognising 90 years of the prefect system