This week, after a two year absence of residential trips, Primary 6 pupils were incredibly excited to be the first year group from across the College to be allowed to attend one. 

Hear more from Miss Jamieson below about what the pupils have been up to below:

"Alltnacriche, near Aviemore, has been the base for a three day, two night adventure for us all. Having missed residential opportunities in Primary 5 and having had to cancel the traditional Primary 6 trip in October to Dalguise, we are delighted that we have been able to make this opportunity possible. 

"Fear has been conquered whizzing down the zip wire. Teamwork has been achieved via the ropes course. New skills are being learnt as wooden mushrooms have been carved, safe fire lighting skills have allowed us to cook some popcorn and our understanding of the types of wildlife around Alltnacriche has grown.  Plus having a good aim has been important in archery. Great fun is being had by all!  

"After our daily activities and before our evening entertainment the pupils look forward to free time in the sun. The burn beckons to dip our feet in as does the football field to burn off some energy. If that’s not enough entertainment pupil’s can also play in the Sports hall and enjoy table tennis matches, air hockey championships and games of pool to keep everyone busy. 

"The first evening’s STEM egg challenge is 'eggcellent' fun! The challenge is to build a protective shelter for an egg, which is then dropped from a height. “Feet off the floor” involved the pupils reflecting on their day. 

"On our second evening we have a fantastic campfire where unique campfire songs are sung, including The Proclaimers from our P6 show. We even squeezed in a quick game of blink murder in the dark!

"The final day’s task is an orienteering group task called Land Grab, where working as a team is essential. 

"The pupils return to Countesswells after their adventure, tired but very happy. The aim of this trip is to build on existing friendships and form new ones, whilst all the while creating memories which will last a lifetime. So far, mission accomplished!"