Inspired by the story of Elif Bilgin, who won the Science in Action Award at the 2013 Google Science Fair with her creation of biodegradable plastic using banana peel, pupils in Primary 6 decided to recreate this in their Science classroom.

The pupils had great fun experimenting with natural ingredients during this experiment and a degree of success was achieved with a type of plastic they produced by the end of their science lesson. The class agreed that they will need to experiment a little more to achieve a plastic that could be marketed as currently the colour of the plastic they produced was not very appealing.

Poppy said: “When we were experimenting with our banana peels we found that we needed to be precise with our measurements of the other ingredients. These included thyme to stop the plastic from growing mould. This was a very sustainable way to make plastic.”

P6 create plastic using banana
Primary 6 experiment with banana peels to create an alternative plastic