With offsite education in progress and following Government guidance on social distancing, the plans to mark VE Day have been adapted. 

Mr Montgomery said: "With the day itself designated a national holiday we have encouraged cadets to follow some of the coverage of the day’s events, reflecting on the war and the meaning of the victory, while remembering all victims of war at that time and in numerous conflicts since. Remember also that although the war in Europe was over by this time, the fight against the Japanese continued for another 3 months, during which many thousands more of all nationalities lost their lives. These included Gordonians Alexander Ellis, Albert Frain, Norman MacKenzie, George McWilliam, William Munro and Henry Mutch, four of them as as result of captivity in prisoner of war camps. Three other Gordonians, John Gordon, Gordon Hill and Archibald Reid, died elsewhere while serving their country after the war was officially over. Trumpet and cornet players throughout the nation have been asked to play the Last Post at 2.55pm, just before Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s speech is broadcast by the BBC at 3pm."

Mr Sumner added: "Presenting a specially produced musical performance, Mr Sumner added: With the RGC CCF PipeBand unable to attend and take part in today's planned VE Day 75 events - we had over 50 pipers and drummers take part in playing Battle's O'er from the safety of their living rooms, front or back gardens and outside their front doors. There are many parallels between the struggles of the Second World War and what we are living through today during the Coronavirus pandemic but now it is our generation's responsibility to look after our surviving WW2 veterans. This meaningful gesture is a unique opportunity for our PipeBand to pay tribute to the many millions at home and abroad who sacrificed so much for the peace we enjoy today."

Mr Montgomery summarised: "It is unfortunate the cadets will not experience the school events that could have taken place with our Pipe Band and Highland Dancers. We were also looking forward to the national celebration in Glasgow which would have included military bands, Pipes and Drums of all Scottish military units, a parade of all the participants from Glasgow Green to George Square, a flypast, gun salute and VE Day concert."

Poem - Unmentioned in Dispatches is a candid and affecting poem about the first Iraq War written by ex RAF Officer Peter Wynton. It is recited here by the Lord Lieutenant's Cadet Cpl Angus Jack (Army Section) and is official poem of VE Day 75.


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