The annual Pupil v Staff Debate is always an opportunity for S6 debaters to really challenge their teachers in a fun, light-hearted end-of-school debate. This year was no different; perhaps, however, with more comical points of interest coming from the teachers.

This year, each House debated on the motion, proposed by staff, “This House would switch permanently to distance learning." 

Miss England chaired a hard-fought debate where each House confidently argued their points. The pupils were crowned 2020 winners.

Darcey M (S6), Leader of the Opposition and also Whip for side Opposition, said: “The debate was a great way to go out as S6 debaters. Although the teachers proposed strong and interesting arguments, we knew that when the points started getting personal they were fighting a losing battle! It was such a fun event and lovely to be able to participate in an RGC tradition despite circumstances (and go out victorious!).”

Miss England, Chair, shared: “Having attended the teachers’ tactical meeting, I knew they would stop at nothing to be victorious. I really had to stay on my toes to make sure no one crossed the line - inevitably, some rules were ignored (I look at you, Mr Fish!). I do have to congratulate the staff on their perseverance, though, as they were up against and rightly lost to a highly professional, well-rehearsed team of excellent S6 debaters. Well done, everyone!”


Mr Fish, Prime Minister of the debate, added: “It is great to see that our debaters have not seen their skills dulled by lockdown. Whilst the staff clearly had the superior arguments we lost to a highly talented S6 team. We did our best to lower the tone, but when ‘we went low, they went high’ - mainly. On a more serious note, we cannot forget this is a very different ending to many of our pupils’ school careers. We therefore wanted to ensure they had the opportunity to challenge us whilst having a lot of fun in their final week of school events. A great time was had by all and entertaining for the audience too.”


Staff: Mr Bristow, Mr Fogiel, Mr Elder and Mr Fish.  

Pupils: Patrick R, Tom C and Darcey McD.