On Saturday 30 September, former pupils were welcomed back to the College by the Robert Gordon’s College Pipe Band and Highland Dancer for the annual Reunion Day, celebrating the 25, 30, 40, 50 and 60 year anniversaries since leaving the school gates. Spirits were high as Gordonians entered the quadrangle and throughout the day they enjoyed catching up with one another and touring the College whilst reminiscing about old times, and sharing fond and funny memories alike. 

The attendance of Gordonians travelling from near and afar was impressive and a true testament to the fondness they hold for their former school. For many, Reunion Day was the first time they had been back to the College or seen one another since their school days. 

Gordon Riddler, Class of ‘63, said: “Although I have visited the school more times than many of my contemporaries it never fails to impress me as to how far the school has developed over the years. So much to see, and I was very impressed by the notice boards illustrating how careers can be made out of engineering and science for all. There is so much choice and that sort of guidance was absolutely absent for my generation unless heading for a career in medicine or law when the emphasis was on classics and not so much on science, technology and business studies.”

Laura Presslie, Director of Development Marketing and Admissions, shared: “We are thrilled to have hosted the Classes of 1963, 1973, 1983, 1993 and 1998 for their Reunion Day on Saturday. There is a special bond amongst pupils of Robert Gordon’s College as they come back through the gates as a former pupil. I am hugely impressed by the strong affinity for their school and the offers of support to help the next generation succeed.

“The Gordonian community is full of talented individuals who believe in the philanthropic culture that exists at Robert Gordon’s, and the shared values that are instilled in every pupil irrespective of the decade they represent. The attendance of Gordonians from near and far was very much appreciated and the new connections that have been established will help us to add value to our pupils' experience at school and in their pathway beyond school.”

Martin Gibert, Class of ‘73, shared: “It was fantastic to see our classmates again after our last reunion ten years ago. We had a great time catching up at the school and afterwards for drinks, highlighting the importance of friendships formed during our school years from fifty years ago. Robert Gordon’s has a strong ethos for maintaining links with its former pupils and we are evidence of that today with some of us travelling from as far as Australia to meet together again.”

We have been overwhelmed by the positive messages shared by those who attended the event, reinforcing how special it is to be part of the Gordonian community.

Reunion Day 2023