The month of January marked the seventh year of the partnership between Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Robert Gordon’s College, bringing world class expertise to our classrooms to inspire and shape future career paths for our pupils.

With a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science and a Bachelors degree in Computer Science and Mathematics, MIT student, Neha, drew from her expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to inspire Junior and Senior School pupils alike.

Neha sparked curiosity for pupils Primary 4 to Senior 2 delivering lessons in the Junior School coding curriculum and Senior School Computing about artificial intelligence, aligning with pupils’ preparation for the ‘Me, Myself and AI’ competition alongside engaging discussions with our Senior pupils around ethics in AI.

Primary 7 to Senior 2 pupils enjoyed Cryptography 101 lessons focused on Morse Code, Pigpen Ciphers and Caesar Ciphers. Junior School pupils were further challenged to use their new found knowledge to solve a wizarding murder mystery game.

Not only will Neha will leave a lasting impression at RGC but she will take her experience with her in her future. Hear more from Neha, staff and pupils as they reflect on her time spent at Robert Gordon’s College below. 


RGC Pupils learn from MIT