Whether it’s being asked probing questions about religion or investigating worldviews and perspectives, the RMPS curriculum at Robert Gordon’s College aims to equip pupils with the language, tools and space to explore ultimate questions about life, the universe and everything in between.

In S1, animal rights has been a focus where pupils have been studying the moral issues surrounding how humans use animals. Pupils were set a homework task of putting themselves in their pet’s place to create a day in the life diary entry. 

Murray created a video for his homework where he documented his two Labrador dogs from the moment they wake up in the morning to bedtime. Watch the full video below. 

Murray said: “I love making videos and it's good that we get to do that in RMPS. Also, my dogs are superstars!” 

Over in S2, Euthanasia has been the focus for pupils as part of their Morality and Belief topic. Taking a look at both the legal and moral aspects of assisted dying, along with what palliative care involves, was a first taste of medical ethics for many.

Pupils had an opportunity to create a TikTok video in support of a charity which focused on end of life care to help share information on how others can support the charity. 

Jess, Ana and Krystal (S2) said: “We really enjoyed the Euthanasia topic in RMPS, as we didn’t know much about it before. Our favourite bit was finding out about end of life care so we expressed that with our video.”

Mrs McWilliam, Head of RMPS said: “Grabbing the attention of 12 and 13 year olds in the study of complex moral issues can be a challenge. Demonstrating their learning through digital media is an effective way of encouraging engagement, and the results can be quite heart-warming.”

Both topics help pupils understand different life scenarios with the hope of making pupils more empathetic and open in an evermore complex and interconnected world.