Vera (S6) recently travelled to Germany as part of the UK German Connections Programme. Staying with a host family, Vera completely immersed herself in German culture, gaining first hand experience of life as a German school pupil and improving her German language skills. 

Talking about her experience, Vera shared: “This was a really great experience, I made a lot of new friends I will keep in contact with. I improved my language a lot and now I know speaking German is something I want to keep up for the rest of my life. Thank you to Frau Speidel for all the help and encouraging me to apply.”

Ms Speidel, Teacher of Modern Languages, highlighted: “The German Pupil Courses are a distinguished programme for those pupils who have shown very good achievements in German, so it’s a real accomplishment for Vera to have been selected.

“Pupils are able to greatly improve their knowledge of German language and culture, as well as their wider core skills, such as confidence, intercultural communication, and adaptability, and make many lasting friendships. We are very pleased that Vera has joined the ranks of RGC pupils that have been able to take part in this great programme.

“As part of her commitment to widening the impact of this programme, Vera will also be carrying out a Primary School Ambassadors Project, in order to share the knowledge and experience she gained as widely as possible.”

The UK German Connection programme is partly funded by the German Foreign Ministry and The Department for Education who work together to promote international exchange and cooperation in the school sector. 

S6 pupil travels to Langerwehe in UK German Connections Programme