Following the launch of ScanEasy, Sami (S5) was invited to present at TechFest this week to share his journey from development to launch.

Sami comments: “I immediately said yes, and was thrilled with the opportunity. They asked me to prepare a 15 minute presentation to briefly describe how the app works and the process of making it. I started off by writing out the whole story, then converted it to slides and added graphics to accompany my talk. 

“I am very thankful to Mrs Rencontre, who gave me guidance and support in finalising the presentation. I think the talk went great, and I’m really happy I did it as I was really nervous in the weeks leading up to it. 

“I am not sure what the future looks like for ScanEasy. For now, I’m just focusing on exams. I still feel there is huge potential for the technology and I will definitely pick it up when I am ready.”

Sami’s Guidance Teacher, Mrs Rencontre adds: “Sami has always been imaginative and innovative; he thinks outside the box and is always keen to share his interesting (and often, unusual!) ideas. I am really proud of Sami - the fact he spent so much of his own time working on such an important innovation is testament to his determination, maturity and desire to make a difference.”

Mrs Cowie, Deputy Head (S5) highlights: “We are all incredibly proud of Sami: not just for his innovation, but also for his willingness to share his experience with others.”