In the granite streets of Aberdeen, there is a spectacular Science Centre called Satrosphere. We felt as excited as a feral hyena as we walked to the Science Centre of jaw dropping wonders. We entered onto the tiled floors and gazed at the interesting exhibits.

We sat in the royal blue, comfortable seats and listened carefully to Bob and his miraculous presentation about supernatural space. We learnt about high tech space gear and globally famous astronauts. We gained knowledge about zero gravity in space the astronauts experience and the challenges they have when working, eating, sleeping and using the toilet!

We played an amusing scientific game where we had to plan and deal with our very own city, and we fiddled with a gooey bubble mixture which made humongous bubbles.

Our second presentation, by Andrew, involved us learning about gravity in more detail. It was amazing to see the chair spin round on its own during the bicycle wheel giro experiment and we all loved pushing the air car along the floor.

We all had a truly wonderful experience at Satrosphere!

George B and Hayah H (P5)

Satrosphere shares supernatural space insight with P5