Sharing some of their school highlights so far, and what they are looking forward to this year, we caught up with the new School Captains, Francesca and Matthew.

Good morning Francesca and Mathew… we have one minute to get through as many questions as possible… lets go!

How long have you been at Robert Gordon’s College?

Francesca: I joined in Primary 5.

Matthew: I've been at the College since Primary 1.

What are your key targets for this year as School Captains?

Francesca: This year we are holding an event week to show our support for refugees, an idea I had as my mother works alongside refugees. 

Matthew: For me, it is important that the pupil voice is heard, and so I want to make sure that pupils' opinions throughout the school are genuinely regarded and that when possible action is taken on these outlooks quickly.

What are you most looking forward to this year?

We are both excited for all the big S6 social events such as karaoke and the dances, as well as those we are invited to as the Crawford and Otaki Scholars, the Gordonian Association dinners and the Otaki trip to New Zealand. Another thing we very much look forward to is our end of year prize giving speeches.

As School Captains, how can you help the younger pupils?

We want to do our best to make sure we are known and are seen as role models for the younger pupils, and encourage them to get involved with everything they possibly can. 

Is there a subject or co-curricular activity that has sparked a new interest or talent that you didn’t know existed?

Francesca: Debating club sparked my interest in talking and arguing a point which has helped me lean into a career in law.

So far, what has been your ultimate highlight at Robert Gordon’s? 

Francesca: Trips! Some of my favourite times at school have been Ardèche, Belfast, and skiing,  are all big highlights.

Matthew: My highlight at Robert Gordon’s College has been the time I have spent with my peers.

Now in S6, looking back to when you joined the College, what would you tell your younger self as you walked through the school gates for the first time?

Francesca: Time passes you by quickly, enjoy everything while you can.

Matthew: Get involved, it all goes faster than you think so make sure to make the most of it.


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