Throughout Scottish Careers Week, Junior and Senior pupils have had the opportunity to participate in engaging lesson activities designed to inspire them about future careers. 

Miss Braid, Universities & Careers Assistant, said: “We shared a range of timetabled live theme sessions, form class activities and opportunities for Junior and Staff staff to showcase their career journeys and the skills they have acquired along the way.

“Running in parallel with our RGC Global Enterprise Week, Scottish Careers Week not only amplifies awareness of potential career paths but also strengthens the collaboration between educational institutions and the broader community, fostering a spirit of curiosity and ambition, encouraging pupils to explore their interests and set meaningful career goals.” 

Miss Pirie, Head of Universities & Careers, added: “The DYW Live event featuring Dr. Jenni Smillie, a Royal Society Research Fellow in Particle Physics at Edinburgh's School of Physics and Astronomy, engaged an audience of pupils eager to learn more about pursuing a career in Particle Physics research. 

“During the event, attendees discovered the non-linear path Dr. Smillie took to her career, the essential skills required for a research position, and gained insights into the life of a researcher. One of our pupils participated in an online chat to seek advice about their prospective career path.

“Scottish Careers Week has offered our pupils a fantastic opportunity to explore potential careers. Our Universities & Careers team at Robert Gordon’s is available to offer additional assistance and support as our pupils navigate and plan their career paths.” 

If you missed any of the live events, visit the Scottish Careers website to catch up on some of the recorded sessions.

Scottish Careers Week