Across the College, the Support for Learning staff are helping pupils who have found learning from home challenging. Support has been available to many pupils throughout the year groups for whom working from home has been problematic for a variety or reasons.

A variety of techniques have been implemented. Mrs Smith, Head of Support for Learning in the Senior School highlighted: “The Support for Learning team has been busier than ever. Before the normal school day starts, subject teachers are adapting the ways in which the class tasks are presented and the Support for Learning team are meeting with pupils to assist with their daily work arrangements. Working across a wide variety of subjects in the school, and supporting at all stages, we have attended Google Meet classes for further support. In addition to this, Google Hangouts has been a useful additional tool for communicating with pupils instantly.

“We have expanded our Google Meets with families, with some meetings taking place at the weekend for those parents who work in the NHS. More recently we have been focusing on strategies for pupils to implement and carry forward when return to school can take place.

“This has been a challenging time for many during which it has been so important for us to maintain communication with the pupils, and also their parents, to ensure that pupils’ learning needs are being met and positive progress is being made.”

New strategies developed in Support for Learning to assist Offsite Education