We were thrilled to host SPEAR Physiotherapy as part of our RGC Sports Talks this week for an informative workshop focused on injury prevention and recovery. 

Pupils, parents and staff gathered in the Craig Centre for Performing Arts to learn from the team’s expertise in injury rehabilitation, neurological rehabilitation and performance profiling. 

Mr McLeod, Director of Sport, shared: “The purpose of the ‘RGC Sports Talks’ is to help educate our pupils on how they can improve their performance and enjoyment of sport. We chose to work with SPEAR as they are one of the leading physiotherapist providers in the country. Pupils at RGC have the opportunity to both participate and perform in sport and this variety and workload has to be managed carefully. The team at SPEAR currently work with a wide variety of clients ranging from working professionals through to Olympic athletes so this level of expertise has been and will be invaluable to our pupils' wellbeing.” 

Spear Physiotherapy host injury prevention and recovery workshop