This has been, as always, a challenging, exciting, rewarding and successful year for Sport at Robert Gordon’s College. 

We celebrated our sporting successes in a different way this year, enabling all pupils and families to enjoy it virtually.

You can catch up below and watch the summary of the year from the various activities that Senior School pupils have participated in.


Mr Harper shared: “We have recognised and celebrated our sporting achievements and internationalists in the hope that we can inspire you to aim high. Just as important to us is that each and every one of you takes part, enjoys and develops in your chosen sport or activity. Getting involved in any sport can be great fun; it gives you some exercise, you get to meet and work with new friends and you may be fortunate to travel as a result. In some cases, it might lead to things like we have celebrated today but it might not. Either way, we would love to see you or hear about anything you are doing.”