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The ‘St Andrew’s Day Debating Competition’ is the highlight of the Scottish debating calendar. Schools across the country travel to Edinburgh to debate in the British Parliamentary style, with the final taking place at the prestigious Scottish Parliament Debating Chamber. 

Jasmine K-E (S3), Richard V (S5) and myself were fortunate represent our school in this tournament. The experience was unique, in that we were paired with speakers from other schools, debating on several interesting and topical motions ranging from introducing quotas requiring 50% of MSPs to be women, to allowing inmates in prisons the ability to vote. We also had the support of a university mentor who provided extensive tips and feedback to help develop our debating abilities.

 Despite winning individual rounds with some excellent arguments and persuasive speeches we narrowly missed out on the final. Nevertheless, we all definitely gained from this experience. Personally, I was thrilled to win the ‘Best School Speaker of the Day’. We returned to Aberdeen weary, but happy and enriched by the experience. We would all like to thank Mrs Gray who made this amazing day possible for us by constantly encouraging and guiding us.

Anish S (S4)