Children from across the Nursery and Junior School had the pleasure of attending virtual webinars with Sue Richardson, Health, Safety, Security and Environment Lead at Wood, for a series of talks during the schools Sustainability Fortnight.

Sue shared with pupils how Wood is tackling issues of climate change, disease and other important global issues. Pupils had great fun spending time asking Sue their bank of questions to discover more about how companies like Wood are tackling climate change.

Sue shared: “It has been a pleasure to engage with pupils at Robert Gordon’s College during their Sustainability Fortnight activities and raise awareness about how Wood is playing its part in tackling issues such as climate change. 

“We see the world’s most critical challenges as our own and so this has been a fantastic opportunity to share some of the initiatives we run and projects we partner on to help create a more sustainable, resilient and liveable world. 

“Each year group has enthusiastically participated in our sessions and I hope they have inspired the children to think about how they can play a part in creating a more sustainable future.”

Mrs Geddes, Teacher of P5 said: “The presentation sparked an interest in water borne infections and measures to deal with outbreaks at home and abroad. The children later enjoyed investigating the Aberdeen typhoid outbreak in 1964 and learning that recent Covid lockdowns were not the first time local schools had been forced to close!”

Emily in P5 said: “I loved hearing about the goals of other classes, what they were doing and how we could help” and Tomisin added: “I liked hearing about the river Nile and learning about cholera.” 

In addition to her class talks, Sue also met with the Green Beans sustainability club and Junior School Eco Reps to look at Wood’s COP26 website together and hear their thoughts about what they can do collectively within the College and beyond.

The Green Beans have been inspired by Sue, Ronetta shared “Mrs Richardson inspired me to realise that young people’s voices need to be heard more often. This made me realise that as well as talking about making a change, I can take action!” and Olivier added “Mrs Richardson has inspired me by saying that all the small things we do to stop Climate Change can make a huge difference. After COP26 is over, we will continue working together to make RGC a greener and more sustainable school.”

Speaker from Wood Inspires P5 pupils about sustainable futures
Speaker from Wood Inspires P5 pupils about sustainable futures
Speaker from Wood Inspires Junior School pupils about sustainable futures
Sustainability specialist from Wood inspires Junior School pupils about sustainable futures