Last week pupils across S1 spent two days offsite at various locations in Aberdeenshire to work on navigation and team building skills.

Across the week, different House groups along with staff and mascots spent a day at Templars’ Park, where they took part in activities with In Your Element. Each activity was chosen to encourage pupils to mix within their House group to talk, get to know each other and learn from one another through problem solving processes.

On their second day of the programme, pupils spent the day at Bennachie working on Navigation and planning skills to choose and negotiate their route to the top of Aberdeenshire’s iconic summit. 

Also making an appearance during the days was the much loved ‘Find the Form Teacher’ challenge along with toasting marshmallows and quizzes. The informal setting also provided a great opportunity for staff and pupils to chat and get to know each other.

Mr Tayler, Head of Outdoor Education said: “The traditional S1 team building took place last week and our S1s entered into everything with a great level of positivity, enthusiasm and energy, making them a force to be reckoned with.

“The weather made it look more like character building than team building would be happening, which disappointingly meant we decided not to camp overnight this year. Although it was encouraging to hear that most pupils were really keen to camp even if the weather was bad - I’m not sure those from Sillerton and Straloch who attended in the rain on Thursday morning would be as keen!

“As with most trips, the best bits are the elements that can’t be planned like finding out more about peers and taking in the view from the top of Bennachie.”

S1 climb Bennachie as part of Team Building Week