Primary 7 pupils brought the magical kingdom of Atlantica to life this week in their rendition of The Little Mermaid Jr. 

Held in MacRobert Hall, the pupils transported their audience under the sea, telling the story of Ariel the mermaid, her thirst for adventure and her longing to be up where the people are. 

Mrs Rose, Teacher of Drama, said: “What a joy it has been to bring this Disney Classic to life with our fantastic P7 Year group. The magic, colour and excitement of this story was a challenge but, as a great big team, we all worked hard to pull this production off. To rehearse and then run a production week alongside previous P7 cast members who are now well into their senior years (S3+) was a really special experience as every one of us truly appreciate and value the core memories that P7 Show Club creates. The Little Mermaid Jr 2024 has been really special and experiences like this are a privilege and a pleasure to facilitate for our pupils. Well done P7!”

Mrs Massie, Head of Creative Arts, shared: “A well earned standing ovation for our P7 pupils on the final night of their P7 Show - an amazing achievement! Every P7 pupil worked extremely hard to give our parents, family, teachers, invited guests and fellow pupils a true Disney experience. This production of ‘The Little Mermaid Jnr’ marks twelve years of ‘P7 Show Club’ and we are extremely proud of how this club has evolved over the years and continue to be in awe of the talent we have the opportunity to work with. We look forward to seeing our ‘Little mermaid’ cast members flourish in senior school and hope they will continue to engage in performance opportunities in the arts.”

Under the Sea: Primary 7 presents The Little Mermaid Jr.