Former pupil, Vicki Greig, Consultant Oral Surgeon returned to RGC to share her remarkable career journey in the world of dentistry and oral surgery emphasising her key highlights and insights in her pathway beyond school.

Vicki spoke passionately, to her audience of S6 pupils, explaining the foundation of her work is the importance of  earning patients' trust, motivating Vicki daily in her career. Sharing real-life examples of oral surgery from her clinics, Vicki was able to provide insight into the types of cases that her team treat and the decisions they make to ensure the best possible outcomes for each patient.

Reflecting about what she would say to her 17 year old self whilst in S6, Vicki highlighted the importance of having an open mindset when you are making choices about your  future career. She encouraged pupils to utilise the extensive support network that  Robert Gordon’s College provides to gain advice and insight from the personal experiences of Gordonian's to build a good support network around you as you progress on your pathway beyond school. 

Looking back on her own journey, Vicki stressed the impact that community and teamwork can have on your career, attributing her success to the foundations laid during her time at Robert Gordon’s. She emphasised the importance on seeking support and explained to pupils that she believes in the power of adaptability, resilience, cherishing opportunities and relationships to help shape your future.

Vicki’s story serves as a compelling example  of how to approach your  future with an open mind and embrace the support network available within our school community.

Vicki said “It is incredible to be back and see the changes the school has been through in the last 20 years. Something that hasn’t changed however is the strong commitment RGC has to innovative approaches to teaching, the existence of an S6 programme like this is a prime example of that, there is that continued commitment to student support and experience and a sense of community that you will each carry with you as you move on beyond your 6th year studies”.

Former pupil shares her journey from RGC to Oral Surgeon