As part of World Environment Week, pupils from across the College have been participating in a series of fun activities.

In the Junior School, our Primary 1 - Primary 7 Eco-Reps planted seeds in their own flowerpots. Choosing from sunflower, lavender, poppies, nasturtiums and mixed annuals seeds, the pupils took their pots back to the classrooms where they will work with the classmates to care for the plant in the remaining weeks of the school year.

Senior School pupils first had the opportunity to participate in creating an acrostic poem, where each line will spell out the word ‘sustainable’, the winner of which will be announced at the end of the summer term. 

Form Classes were invited to participate in the World Environment Day anagram quiz, where they worked together as a team to decipher the anagrams for the coveted prize of a form class plant!

Congratulations to 2T1 who won the plant!

Can you solve any of the anagrams below?

1. event minor

2. unlit polo

3. eternal path

4. seeru

5. chemical agent

6. a grim ballgown

7. sure, better a slow table

8. duely ceased recurrence

9. alkene octane purple


Pupils celebrate World Environment Day