Today is World Health Day and the theme for this year is Support Nurses and Midwives.  Let's take a moment to stop and consider where we would be without our team of nurses at Robert Gordon's College right now.

  • What would it be like for those arriving at the Critical Workers Service without the reassuring smiles of the nurses asking how we are, checking our temperatures, offering hand sanitiser, sealed wipes and providing guidance to ensure cleaning is to NHS standard?  
  • How would it feel if we didn't have the warmth and friendliness of our nurses when they appear throughout the day to offer hand cream for skin that is red and sore?
  • Would we feel as safe if we didn't have the reassurance that our nurses are trained and able to help to take care of us and offer appropriate guidance to help keep up safe?

Mr Mills, Head of College said: “The nurses are a crucial part of our community who continue to provide invaluable support as we progress through the challenges of Covid-19. The school nurses work closely with specialist staff in the National Health Service to ensure that all care provided is research based, current and appropriate to the school setting, caring for pupils from Nursery through to S6.”


World Health Day: Where would we be without our team of nurses?