Every year, the emphasis on mental health gets stronger. With the impacts of social media, the changing world and societal pressures - the focus on looking after our mental health has never been more important. 

Taking place on Sunday 10 October 2021, the World Health Organisation (WHO) sets out to raise awareness and put wellbeing at the forefront with World Mental Health Day. Opening up the discussion on mental health, WHO aims to empower individuals to share their stories and inspire others to make change.

Nurse Tor shares: “Mental health plays a critical role in the development of children.The aim is to work together with the pupil, parents, teachers, guidance staff, school counsellor,  and outside agencies to move towards enabling children to feel secure, mentally and emotionally. 

“Promoting good mental health at Robert Gordon's College can enable a state of wellbeing where pupils can meet their learning potential, cope with stress, and openly connect with their friends and the community. Doing so helps facilitate social and emotional wellbeing and helps to build their resilience.

“The Wellbeing Centre provides a homely and welcoming environment where pupils can talk if they wish. Some pupils just need some headspace before returning to class. The school nurses and guidance staff are able to coordinate with wider school staff to aim to support the pupil through their school day if they are struggling in any way.”

A selection of helpful resources, videos and websites about managing and supporting mental health are provided below.

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