In the world of fashion, creativity often knows no bounds, and for Tonitse Otaru, Class of ‘23, this sentiment rings particularly true. Tonitse’s journey has been one marked by dedication, faith, and a profound belief in the power of self-expression. Inspired by his Christian faith, Tonitse has embarked on a remarkable venture. Meet the visionary behind WSDM Clothing, where style meets spirituality in a fusion of faith-inspired designs and unwavering dedication.

Former pupil Tonitse shared: “Since I was young I only wanted to have my own business, something that was personal to myself and that I could build up. However my motivation wasn’t just financial, I wanted to put my time into something that I genuinely believe in. That’s why I thought it would be great if I could involve my faith into what I was doing. That’s how the idea of WSDM Clothing was born. I believe fashion can be a powerful tool for the youth to express themselves and share their identity with the world. So I thought what better way to equip my generation of Christians than creating a brand that spreads God’s word through faith inspired designs and graphics. My aim is to bless the streets with every piece I release.”

“From my first t-shirt release in April to the end of 2023 the brand saw crazy growth. I went from just an idea in my room to over 1000 followers on both Instagram and Tiktok, amassing a strong community who share the same interests and goals. I have sales coming in from countries all over Europe, and even across the globe from places such as Australia, Canada and the US. As for the future, I plan to continue releasing new items consistently and improving the quality every time. One longer term goal I have is to host WSDM events where lovers of fashion and faith can come together in one place and share their interests. It would be great to see the community that has been built under one roof.”

“My time spent in RGC education definitely played a role in my success, especially Economics. Even though I may not have known at the time, those years spent in Economics lessons taught me a lot of valuable information that applies well to running a business. From demand and supply, to cash flow management, the knowledge I gained through my secondary school tenure cannot be understated.”

“Honestly, the most important thing about being an entrepreneur is self belief and dedication.There’s going to be a lot of times where you think that you’re not capable of turning your vision into a reality, but as a business owner you have to realise the only limits are the ones you place on yourself. Before WSDM I had no prior experience in fashion designing, marketing or any other skills needed to start a clothing brand. All I had was faith in my idea and God. Also dedication to your business is what will separate you from those who fail. Hard work beats talent 10/10 times, so if you invest your time and energy and improve everyday success will be just around the corner. You just have to be patient.”

Tonitse spoke of Mrs Johnson, Head of Business Studies and Economics, influencing his love for business. Mrs Johnson commented: “It is always wonderful to hear of pupils that have gone on to put into practice the knowledge and skills that they have gained in the classroom. Tonitse's vision and passion are evident. Tonitse was an engaging and driven pupil at RGC and he is clearly putting this to good use as a young entrepreneur. I am delighted that Tonitse has had the confidence to take a leap and combine his enterprising idea with his faith. Self-belief and hard work will no doubt have paid a big part in Tonitse's success. Well done! I look forward to hearing how your enterprise progresses.”

Tonitse is currently studying Economics and Finance at the University of Strathclyde.

The rise of WSDM Clothing inspired by Tonitse’s faith in fashion