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Our pupils’ success is built on a strong sense of who they are, what they can achieve, and what it feels like to be part of a happy and purposeful school community. Our school motto translates as ‘Be all you can be’ and we believe every individual child deserves this ambition. Robert Gordon’s College is a school which will prepare your child for a life where ambition, success and confidence are rooted in security, happiness and a sense of who they are.

We look forward to welcoming our pupils and staff back together again onsite. We stay connected and remain strong as a community. Learn more about how we work together to support one another.  

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Eva (P1)

Robert Gordon's is fun, fantastic and exciting. Every morning I look forward to seeing my teacher and friends. My favourite subject is Art because doing Art makes me feel like a real artist.

Robert Ruddiman, Parent and Governor

Robert Gordon’s College has a long and proud history. The College captures the best of its history with a progressive forward thinking mindset where each pupil is encouraged to develop to their full potential both as an individual and in the wider sense of community. The College has a proud tradition of endowment and scholarship which makes a significant and positive contribution to the ethos and culture.

Dr Andrea Woolner (Class of ‘04), Clinical Lecturer in Obstetrics & Gynaecology and Honorary Specialty Trainee Registrar in Obstetrics & Gynaecology Registrar Year 6

Robert Gordon’s gave me the confidence to be me, and to push myself to reach my potential. The College nurtured my ambitions, encouraged me to develop skills in team work, leadership and communication and provided a safe place to learn and achieve to a high academic level.

Lyndsey Maclean, Teacher of Technology, Housemistress
Lyndsey Maclean, Teacher of Technology

Robert Gordon’s College has given me the opportunity to work with exceptional pupils and provided a great support structure for developing my career. My creative and technical background has been embraced and allowed me to flourish with activities such as training at the educators course in NuVu, Boston MA. and helping me to expand to teach not only Technology but also Art.

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Anish (S3)

The teachers and staff are always there to make learning easier through thought-provoking lessons, while encouraging regular study skills. By having a Form and Guidance Teacher, we always have someone ready to help when we are having problems or need someone to talk to.

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